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What is the estimated time of delivery of the Goos-e tablet stand?
Orders placed today will be send out the next business day with AusPost or Courier. Depending on your area you can expect delivery in 1-3 working days. Orders are shipped from our Sydney warehouse. If your order has not arrived within the expected time-frame, please contact us and we track your order.


Are there any additional delivery costs?
Delivery cost within Australia are;

• $11 for a starters pack
• $20 for the complete package (7kg)
• $20 for combination of multiple packages.


Do I have to be home for delivery?
You will have to sign for receiving the order. Delivery to an (office) address where someone is available to sign is recommended.


Can all iPads and tablets be used in combination with the Goos-e?

The most common iPads and tablets can all be attached to the Goos-e. However, since there are many different dimensions of tablets, the Goos-e will not fit them all.

The universal holder is suitable for all following iPads & tablets:

iPad 2,3,4, iPad Air 1 & 2, Samsung Galaxy - Note 10.1 - Tab 3 10.1 - Tab  4 10.1, Tab S 10.5, Tab Pro 10.1 & Tab Pro 12.2,  Microsoft Surface RT en Pro 3 (not Pro 1 & Pro 2),  Sony Xpedia, Nokia Lumnia. 

The MINI holder is suitable for following 7” & 8” tablets:
iPad Mini 1-2-3-4 (Air & Retina), Samsung Galaxy Tab (S) 7” & 8


My tablet or iPad is not listed, how do I know if it fits?
If your tablet is not listed, please contact us at We'll immediately answer your question.


I would like to exchange or return my Goos-e tablet stand.
You can return or exchange your Goos-e according to our return policy. Did you order your Goos-e through our WEBSHOP? Please send an email to
We’ll send you a return form and all relevant returns information.

Once we have received your Goos-e tablet stand, we will refund the purchase price within a few days.

If you bought the Goos-e tablet stand at one of our resellers, you can exchange it there for a new one.


Are there any other lengths available?
The Goos-e tablet stand comes with a 55 cm long flexible arm. This is the maximum length when the arm is fully extended. This length offers many uses and always keeps your tablet in a safe and stable position. The arm length is designed for this. No other arm lengths are available.


What colours are available to order?
The Goos-e tablet base comes in six trendy colours: electric red (deep red), passionate purple (intense purple), beaming blue (ocean blue), royal orange (citrus orange), glossy white and matt black edition. The tablet holder and arm come in stylish matt grey or black.


What is the maximum opening of the tablet clamp?

The Goos-e comes with a useful tablet clamp with a maximum opening of 5 cm. The clamp can be easily attached to shelves, desks and tables.


Thanks to the V-shaped rubber insert, the stand can also be attached to firm circular tubes. You can attach the clamp to a nursing bed or wheelchair for example.   


Why the name Goos-e?

Goos-e is pronounced ‘Goosie’. The name refers to the highly flexible goose neck and it was this quirky, fun bird that inspired us!


Other questions?

Do you have any other questions? Send us an e-mail to and we'd like to hear from you



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