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About payment

Easy and Secure payment options as part of our service to you.

Shipping details
When you checkout your shopping card, we will ask you to enter your details like; name, address, phone number and email. We securely store this information and only use this to fulfil your order. We will not share your details with any 3rd party other then fulfilling your order.

When you checkout your shopping card we offer you 2 different options to make a secure payment. You have the option to make a payment via Paypal or eWay (credit card).

1. Paypal

PayPal allows you to make payments using a variety of methods including: PayPal Balance, PayPal Credit, bank account, credit card, PayPal Cards, and debit card.

When you make a payment, if you have not selected a Preferred Payment Method, PayPal will fund your transaction in this order:

  • PayPal Balance
  • Instant transfer from your bank account (if eligible)
  • PayPal Credit
  • PayPal Cards (PayPal Extras Card or PayPal Smart Connect)
  • Debit card
  • Credit card
  • eCheck (a delayed transfer from your bank account - may result in significantly slower shipping by seller)

PayPal Purchase Protection
PayPal Purchase Protection (also known as PayPal Buyer Protection) applies for certain, qualifying purchases regardless of the payment method. For these qualifying purchases, PayPal will cover you for the full amount of the item plus original shipping costs if you do not receive the item or if you receive an item but it is significantly different than the description the seller provided. To receive reimbursement for items that are significantly not as described, you will be required to return the item to the seller, or in some cases to PayPal, and to pay the return shipping costs. To be eligible for PayPal Purchase Protection, you must file a Dispute in the PayPal Resolution Center within 45 days of the date you sent the payment, escalate the Dispute to a Claim within 20 days of the date you filed the Dispute, and meet the eligibility criteria in Section 13 of the PayPal User Agreement.

PayPal Credit Protection
PayPal Credit offers protection against unauthorized transactions and billing errors, including items not received and items received that are significantly not as described. If any of these issues occur, you must file a dispute with PayPal Credit within 60 days of the date of your first bill on which the issue occurred. 

2. eWay

eWay is Australia’s most well know payment gateway for secure credit card payments.

Via the eWay payment gateway we offer you secure credit card payments. We accept Visa and Mastercard payments.

Bank Account transfers
It is possible to pay via bank transfer, especially for larger orders.

Please contact us on We will send you an invoice and bank account details.


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